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Seal Jacket Materials:

Material Description Ordering

1=low, 9=high
Degrees [°C]
Recommended for low to moderate dynamic or static service. Low gas permeability. FDA approved. Good cryogenic (low temperature) properties.
01 3 -250 ... +205°C
PTFE-virgin modified
Recommended for low to moderate dynamic or static service. Lowest gas permeability. FDA approved. Higher creep resistance, very high chemical resistance.
1X 3 -250 ... +215°C
PTFE-reinforced with Carbon and Graphite
Very good universal properties for higher temperatures and resistance to wear. Especially suitable for hot water and steam service as well as for poor lubrications.
03 8 -130 ... +290°C
PTFE-filled with Graphite
Excellent general purpose material with low friction, good wear and heat resistance. Non-abrasive. Good for water service, dry or poorly lubricated applications.
12 7 -130 ... +290°C
PTFE- filled with Glass fiber and MoS2
Extremely abrasion resistant, recommended for high pressure hydraulic, water and steam service. At high speeds and with soft metal surfaces may be abrasive wear possible.
06 9 -155 ... +290°C
PTFE-reinforced with special filler
Superior wear and heat resistance. May also be used for soft metals. No abrasive wear. Recommended for static and dynamic service, high temperatures and high speeds.
10 8 -155 ... +316°C
UHMW-PE modified
Excellent wear resistant, but limited chemical and heat resistance. Especially suitable for abrasive media and water based liquids. FDA approved.
08 9 -240 ... +104°C

Additional sealing materials in stock. We can compound seal jacket materials for optimal performance. This is why we are able to offer a wide variety of sealing materials. We can offer more than 50 different compounds. Only the most frequently used compounds have been listed above.

Spring Energizer Materials:

Description UNS No.
Standard spring material C 301 Stainless Steel (1.4310)  
Additionally available
spring materials
E Elgiloy (2.4711) R 30003
I Inconel (2.4669) N 07750
R Hastelloy (2.4602) N 06022
For other Stainless Steels, such as
316, 302, 17-7PH ask Technical Service