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Seal Selection and Operation Range

Radial Seals
Axial Seals

Seal Selection and Operation Range


Hardware and Groove Dimensions

Groove dimensions PTFE seals type 414 und 143

Surface Finish

Sterilisable Seals and Integral Piston Seals

Seal Numbering System and Part Number Examples

Information for Installation

The wide variety of types provide the opportunity to meet all sealing requirements for axial and radial seals. Not all maximum stresses can be applied to the seal at one time.

The variety of designs, jacket and spring materials, together with several springs and dimensions allow sealing applications within the following working ranges:

  • Temperatures from -250°C to +316°C
  • For rotation and reciprocating movement up to 5 m/s
  • For static applications up to 3500 bar pressure
  • For dynamic applications up to 550 bar pressure
  • Universal chemical-resistant
  • For vacuum and UHV applications
  • Diameter from 2 mm up to 3000 mm