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About Eurosealings

Producing Sealing Solutions Since 1992

Eurosealings NV has been specializing in the production of metal seals since 1992. In 2004, we made a significant investment in new and advanced machinery, which paved the way for an expansion of our product range. Since then, we also produce high-PTFE rotary parts and resilient PTFE seals.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Together with our partner GFD mbH we develop and produce high-quality sealing solutions for applications with extreme operating conditions.

We provide our customers worldwide with top-tier and advanced products. Our clientele spans a wide array of industrial sectors, including but not limited to the valve industry, general engineering, and the chemical and food industries, among numerous others.

setup with various o-rings, c-rings and ptfe seals
Sealing Solutions

We Build The Seal You Need

Eurosealings is your one-stop solution for all your sealing needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and manufacture a comprehensive range of seals for any product.

Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, advanced machinery, and skilled workforce, we can create seals of various materials and specifications. Whether it's metal seals, high-PTFE rotary parts, or resilient PTFE seals, we ensure each seal is crafted to meet the unique requirements of your product, delivering optimal performance and durability.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Since 2012, Eurosealings' Management System has been audited and certified by SGS ISO 9001 to produce metal O-rings, PTFE-sealings, and steel seals.