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Seals for Extreme Conditions

Eurosealings is a leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality sealing solutions. We ensure the highest quality standards during the manufacturing of our products. With years of experience, we are well-equipped to solve your sealing problems.

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Metal Seals

Eurosealings Metal Seals are secure, long-lasting seals used when conventional sealing products can no longer meet the parameters and requirements for extreme operating conditions.

  • Vacuum, gases, liquids
  • Resistant to radioactivity, chlorides, corrosion
  • Temperatures from cryogenic up to +750 °C
  • Static use up to 5500 bar
  • Low-leakage through coating and heat treatment
metal o-rings of different sizes and diameters
spring energized lip seals combi

Spring Energized Seals

Eurosealings Spring Energized PTFE Seals consist of a special precision jacket made of plastic compounds (or high performance polymers) and a corrosion resistant stainless steel spring.

  • Temperatures from cryogenic to +320 °C
  • Static use up to 3500 bar
  • Dynamic use up to 550 bar
  • Diameters from 2mm to 3000mm
  • High chemical resistance